10 Foods to Eat to Prevent Bloating

Healthy digestion involves occasional bloating, but not pain and discomfort. These foods will reduce bloat and keep your gut healthy.

Guac! Avocado's prebiotics promote digestive health by nourishing gut probiotics. Avocado's healthy fats and fibre can help you feel full longer, according to a 2019 study.


Peppermint was used as a digestive aid by the Ancient Greeks. Peppermint oils and teas relieve bloating and stomach pain.


Probiotics from yoghurt can help reduce bloating. Lactose-free? Greek yoghurt is lactose-free.


Don't underestimate ginger's power in tea, desserts, or stir-fry. Ginger's plant-based chemicals fight nausea and speed digestion, reducing bloating risk.


This tropical fruit contains "papain," which aids protein digestion and reduces bloating. Green papaya has more of this enzyme and is great for salads and slaws.


Oats are heart- and gut-healthy. Oats' soluble fibre promotes healthy gut bacteria and aids digestion. Oats are in oatmeal, granola, smoothies, and baked goods.


Anise-flavored root veggie helps fight gut inflammation. Everyone needs more fennel in their salads, slaws, saut├ęs, and roasts.


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