Cocktails for the Summer that aren't too heavy on the booze

With the sun shining and patio season here, nothing beats a light, refreshing cocktail. Summer cocktails with low ABV.

The rose cocktail

Chantal Tseng's summer drink combines peaches and mint tea. Amontillado sherry adds sweetness and complexity to this frozen drink. Peaches and mint tea ice cubes cool alcohol and ginger.

Stop the Hourglass

A light beer spiked with Campari is the perfect lower-ABV negroni alternative we can't get enough of.

The Spaghett

This simple cocktail is drinkable and riffable. For added sweetness, stir in jam or grill peaches for a hint of smoke that complements tequila.

Sparkling Rosé Cocktail

The classic cocktail for children gets an adult upgrade with a shot of vodka; a maraschino cherry on top keeps things whimsical. 

Dirty Shirley

Ranch Water is popular because people want low-alcohol cocktails. It's light and citrusy, making it perfect for hot summer days.

Ranch Rosé

Sherry is one of our favorite cocktail ingredients, adding a layer of savory complexity without upping the alcohol content too much

Fino-Nonino Collins

Damian Windsor's favourite low-alcohol cocktail was the Shandygaff (citrus soda and lager) until he made one with fresh ginger juice and IPA. Hot sauce improved the drink.

Michelada Gingembre

We swap Aperol for Campari and add blood orange juice, prosecco, and grapefruit sparkling water for a refreshing cocktail.

Campari Spritz

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