10 Women Things That Are Turnoffs For Men

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1) Being Unkind & Rude With Anyone. Especially, to staff, servers or drivers. 

2) Being ready to take pics and videos at any place, without caring about another person.

3) Being entitled. Like not thanking anyone for the things they are doing for them.

4) Judging People For As Per Their Zodiac Signs. This is a big turnoff.

5) Having drawn on eyebrows or lip fillers. This makes them unattractive in the eyes of men.

6) Thinking as if they are the princess and should be treated like one. 

7) When they talk to a lot of celebrities and are their stan. This doesn't go well with men.

8) Smoking is another turnoff about women. Men don't like women who smoke. 

9) If women always talk badly about others, then it is a big no-no for men. 

10) The women who seek social media attention and validation. It is ok but up to a point. 

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