11 Airplane Etiquette Rules Everyone Must Follow!

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1) Go directly to your seat

Don't make boarding more difficult for everyone by digging through your belongings before taking a seat.

2) Avoid removing shoes & socks

Your own foot odor can quickly permeate an aircraft. Some foot diseases are contagious, and if you haven't had a pedicure, your bare feet may be unpleasant.

3) Placing items in the overhead bin

If you're situated between two cabins, your bag must be stored in the overhead compartment if you're facing the wall.

4) Sharing the armrests

If you're sitting in the middle of the plane, you should get both armrests, according to a British Airways survey on airplane manners.

5) Ask before reclining the seat

Reclining your seat can make it easier to get some sleep, but be sure to ask the person in front of you first.

6) Keep conversations short

On occasion, you will meet someone on the plane who shares your interests. Even if you enjoy the conversation, some passengers may not. Avoid doing that.

7) Limit the alcohol intake

You can enjoy a beverage or two before your flight. Don't drink so much vodka that you ruin your neighbor's pants or leave your luggage behind at the airport.

8) Avoid eating smelly food

Even though tuna salad is a convenient aviation snack, most passengers would rather not take in fishy aromas for the whole of the journey.

9) Avoid personal grooming

You may want to apply hand lotion or eye drops to combat the dryness of the cabin air. Don't even consider cutting your nails, ear cleaning, or nose picking.

10) Keep your kids under control

Despite your best efforts, no one can fault you if your infant cries on the plane. But, older kids can study airline etiquette & effects of their behavior on others.

11) Wait for your turn

Even if you're ready to get off a long flight, you shouldn't rush down the aisle before other passengers have had a chance to stand up.

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