11 Common Mistakes Most Dog Owners Make!

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1) Feeding treats constantly

Overreliance on treats might condition your dog to only respond to food and nothing else.

2) Leaving dog in hot car

Even a few minutes of exposure to high temperatures inside a car can be harmful for your dog.

3) Punishing them constantly after mistake

Dogs only correlate on-the-spot punishment with a behavior. Being angry afterwards at them would just confuse them.

4) Not knowing their favorite reward

In the same way that humans differ in their incentive preferences, dogs do as well. Some may like a belly rub, while others would prefer to play with a ball.

5) Using harsh cleaning products

Dogs can be poisoned by bleach and ammonia, two common household cleaning agents. If they walk on a wet floor, for example, they can take in the toxins through their paws.

6) Not using a seat belt for your dog

Dogs, like humans, should always use a seat belt. In the same way, for the same reasons. So there's no reason for this.

7) Dropping the leash for interactions

Telling your dog to play and make friends might be frustrating. You don't know, therefore introduce him to leashed dogs first.

8) Thinking dog chews shoe for revenge

Typically, this indicates separation anxiety and has nothing to do with retribution.

9) Feeding your dog off your plate

In addition to creating a terrible habit, you risk feeding your dog something he or she shouldn't consume.

10) Overfeeding your dog

Using food to show your dog affection can backfire. There are alternative ways to love your dog and prevent obesity.

11) Lecturing your dog

Telling your dog "don't do this again" and lecturing them rarely works. Dogs respond to simple, on-the-spot stimuli, good or bad.

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