15 delicious twists on classic lasagna

How many lasagna recipes exist? More than you think. While pasta, tomato sauce, ricotta, and mozzarella are the standard ingredients, there are plenty of things you can add, remove, or change to put a unique spin on this classic dish. Here are 15 creative and tasty variations.

Lasagna noodles are almost always used. This slideshow isn't about logic. Cannelloni are large, cylindrical pasta tubes similar to rigatoni or ziti.


Bean lasagna? Taste of Home's cheesy black bean lasagna deserves a chance. That cheese isn't a typical blend. Instead of mozzarella, we use Mexican cheese mix, which pairs well with ricotta.

Black Bean Lasagna

Now is butternut squash season, so start planning dishes. Martha Stewart's butternut squash and sage lasagna uses a cream-based sauce and no tomatoes.

Butternut-Sage Lasagna

Lasagna goes everywhere! Midwest Living substitutes alfredo for tomato sauce and adds ham, cremini mushrooms, and zucchini. This meal can be made in an hour.

Ham-mushroom lasagna

This recipe from The Daily Meal makes a lasagna-flavored pizza for two using sausage (or beef, if you wish). If you have enough oven space, you can make it larger or lay it out in the spiral design shown here.

Pizza lasagne

Lasagna primavera is made with fresh vegetables. Timing makes fresh produce difficult, so we love Martha Stewart's freeze-ahead version. You choose the exact peas, spinach, and carrots.

Vegetable lasagna

Kraft's lasagna roll-up recipe makes a portion-controlled side dish or well-presented main course. This is a fun way to serve lasagna to kids, and they can help prepare it.

Roll-up lasagna

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