15 Easy-To-Grow Vegetables For A Container Garden

Vegetable gardening has many benefits beyond healthy food. The Garden Continuum says benefits include connecting with nature and reducing carbon emissions and pesticides. It's fun to learn about planting and plant care.

Tomatoes are the most popular container vegetable. According to The Reid Homestead, dwarf tomatoes are great for small spaces. Tomatoes need a large container with a stake or cage to grow upward. Plant tomatoes later because they're sensitive to cold. The container's leaves are toxic to pets, so keep them away.


Peas are easy to grow from seed in containers. Growing in the Garden recommends planting outdoors. Handle carefully; they're fragile. They grow vertically, so they produce much without taking up much space. Size and taste vary among peas. We recommend visiting a local nursery to discuss your preferences.


Sweet and hot peppers work well in containers. Bright colours brighten a backyard or patio. In pots, they reduce pepper cross-pollination naturally. Peppers don't thrive in wet or dry conditions, so overwatering is their biggest problem. Gardening Chores suggests bringing pots indoors to avoid standing water.


Cucumbers are a fast-growing vegetable that can easily be grown in a pot. Balcony Garden Web suggests growing them in a medium to large plastic or ceramic pot. Cucumbers love sun and water, so keep the soil moist. Bush and vining have different uses.


Radishes are a popular preschool/elementary school project. Kids love the crunch and bright colour of these fast-growing vegetables. Almanac says you'll have too many radishes in three weeks. Water the seeds regularly and watch them grow.


Growing lettuce is easy, and you'll soon be forgoing store-bought salads for your own. Gardener's Supply Company says they play well with herbs, making garden-fresh salads easy. This vegetable doesn't need much sun, so keep it in the shade occasionally.


Peppery, aromatic arugula isn't lettuce, but we love it. It resembles mustard and is a brassica, according to Lettuce Info. Simple planting requires little maintenance. Small to medium pots are fine, and they can go in the shade after six hours of sun.


Instead of buying bagged green onions that get slimy after a few days, plant seeds and pick as needed. They grow in full sun in three weeks. Need faster? Little Yellow Wheelbarrow suggests putting onion bulbs in water to grow roots in a week.


Kids love pulling the leafy greens off carrots to reveal the orange roots. Baby carrots are ready in 2 months, according to Gardening Know How. Apples and pears can make carrots taste bitter. Make sure the soil is free of rocks and pebbles, which can hinder carrot growth.


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