15 Old-Fashioned Foods Return

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, most aspects of our lives have changed dramatically. Who knew toilet paper and Purell would be hot this spring? People are flocking to classic Depression-era recipes during this uncertain time.

During the Great Depression, beans were cheap and plentiful, so they were used in many dishes. Baked beans were a cheap side dish (or sometimes a full meal).

1. Baked Beans

"Wacky cake" (also called "Depression cake") is making a comeback. The simple recipe, created during food rationing, doesn't call for milk, butter, or eggs. You can add chocolate chips and whipped cream to the recipe to customise it.

2. Wacky Cake

Soup is comfort food par excellence. Many Depression-era recipes included beans, and this one also includes ham, carrots, onion, and garlic. It's called "Navy Bean Soup" because it was a 20th-century Navy staple.

3. Navy Bean Soup

Continuing with stress baking, let's discuss chocolate cream pie. What could be better than pudding-pie? Many food bloggers say this dish reminds them of their grandmothers' cooking. Sweet tooths will love the rich, creamy filling.

4. Chocolate Cream Pie

 During the Great Depression, this recipe was popular because one ingredient was "free" if you had dandelions in your yard. We won't judge if you buy dandelions or substitute arugula. Onions, leeks, hard-boiled eggs, and grapefruit or tangerine sections complete the salad.

5. Dandelion Salad

Potato soup never went out of style, but it's gotten more social media love recently. This soup was a Depression-era staple because it requires few ingredients. You can experiment with the recipe by adding vegetables or cheese.

6. Potato Soup

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