20 foods you didn't know you can make on the grill

If you want to impress your grill-less friends, show them these photos if you're thinking about cooking something other than steak, fish, hot dogs, and burgers on your grill.

Clams, oysters, and mussels can all be grilled, even if you don't think of them as seafood. Grilling clams is a quick and easy way to prepare them, taking less than ten minutes total.


You've probably had a caprese salad – basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes. Maybe you grilled a caprese panini. Have you had a non-sandwich grilled caprese salad? Whole Foods has a recipe for a grilled caprese salad that adds charred flavour.

Caprese Salad

I'm sorry, southerners. You've grilled peaches before, right? Less people outside of Georgia know that grilled peaches with ice cream are delicious (or if you want to get fancy, with a balsamic dressing).


Thin crust pizza doesn't require a pizza stone or superhot oven. If you have a grill, spread pizza dough on the grate and top it while it cooks.


Hold on. If you get a hearty romaine lettuce, you can grill it to make any salad better. Simply Recipes has a delicious recipe using charred lettuce hearts, a light vinaigrette, and herbs.


Avocados char well on a grill and are delicious on their own, in grilled guacamole, or in a grilled salad. This Food Network recipe uses acidic red onions and tomatoes.


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