20 starter houseplants anyone can keep alive

Houseplants bring greenery indoors and brighten the mood. Many people don't own plants because they require too much time and care or don't get enough sunlight. Contrary to popular belief, many hardy plants can thrive indoors, transforming a dull space into a lively conversation starter.

Medicinal aloe is aloe vera. It's easy to propagate and has medicinal properties, from its use as a moisturiser to the cooling and healing effects of its gel-like sap. Aloe grows in well-drained, sandy pots. Avoid overwatering and rain damage.


This non-fern has linear leaves on its stem. The needle- or grass-like leaves are beautiful. Small white flowers between the leaves add beauty. Asparagus thrives indoors and out. Cascading foliage looks great in hanging baskets. Keep misting indoor plants to prevent yellowing leaves.


Tanzania and Kenya are home to these herbaceous perennials. Its violet, purple, or white flowers brighten any living or dining room. Initial planting requires loose, organic-rich soil. It prefers indirect light and light watering. Replant annually in fresh soil.

African violet

Tillandsia gets most of its nutrients from the air, so it's called a "air plant." Despite its appearance, it's easy to care for. First-time plant soaks should be 15 minutes. Shake and let dry before using.

Air plant

Southeast Asian perennials with silvery-white and green leaves. This plant prefers indirect light and warm, humid conditions. Fall-winter watering should be low.

Chinese evergreen

Hybrid coral cactus. It's a cactus-looking succulent. Its coral-reef-like crinkled appearance with pink or ruby edges is most appealing. It's great for those who want an unusual houseplant. It thrives in partly sunny spots and needs little water. Check the pot's drainage hole for moisture.

Coral cactus

The ballroom plant is called haran in Japanese. It's a good option for those with little time to care for their own plants. The slow-growing plant can live for years without much watering. Mature plants near the soil surface have small purple flowers, but the plant's foliage is more popular.

Cast iron plant

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