20 weeknight dishes that bring out the warmth in apples

Apple sweets are delicious. Apple cider, apple butter, or the complete fruit can be included into a warm, substantial feast. We searched the web for weeknight apple dishes.

Squash soup is tasteless by itself. This rich soup's apples and sage will delight your tastebuds.

Apple Squash Soup

Add apple butter before grilling the sandwich or sneak apple pieces between cheese layers to melt the flavours.

Grilled Cheese

Midwest Living's loaded turkey sandwich is made better with apple butter.

Turkey Sandwich

This warm flatbread and sliced apple snack can easily become a weeknight supper.


Apples and cheese are a classic afternoon snack. They produce a delicious pizza for midweek dinners.

Apple Slaw

This creamy apple soup's spicy flavour will warm you on chilly fall nights. Midwest Living recipe.

Missouri Apple Soup

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