21 ooey-gooey cheese recipes you can make at home

Aligot is a French comfort food, so it must have cheese. How much cheese is in fondue-like mashed potatoes? Tasting Table calls for 2 lbs potatoes and 1.5 lbs cheese. (Tomme d'Auvergne is preferred, but mozzarella and Gruyere work too.)


We like our baked ziti cheese borderline burnt. Crisp up this Simply Recipes dish with 3 cups of cheese to your liking.

Baked ziti

Each flaky bite contains creamy brie. These gooey treats from Well Plated by Erin are great holiday hors d'oeuvres.


The Chunky Chef stuffs each patty with a quarter-cup of cheddar cheese. Now you can add lettuce, tomato, bacon, crispy onions, jalapenos, or other toppings to the burger.


Isn't it a scam to serve cheesy bread with pizza? This meal consists of bread topped with cheese and sauce, with a side of the same. If you want cheesy bread, make this seven-ingredient version from The Recipe Critic.

Garlic cheese toast

We're not sure how much cheese is needed to call grits "cheesy," but Paula Deen's baked garlic cheese grits have 24 oz.

Cheese-flavored grits

This Tasty chicken cordon bleu recipe uses breasts stuffed with Swiss cheese and ham. The final product is covered in a creamy dijon sauce with a cup of cheese.

Cordon bleu

Enchiladas can be filled and topped with cheese. Gimme Some Oven offers an oven-based chicken enchilada recipe.


Chili cheese dogs always remind us of summer. This simple meal is easy to make, or you can check out The Cozy Cook's recipe for homemade chilli.

Cheesedog chilli

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