22 ways to cook noodles that are fun and tasty

Dan dan noodles are spicy and aromatic, but this recipe cuts the time and ingredients in half. Frying sausage and five-spice until crisp emulates Sichuan peppercorn-spiced pork.

Cheat's dan dan noodles

This simple recipe stars a 4-ingredient satay dressing. Straight-to-wok noodles save time and reduce dishwashing.

Satay noodle stir-fry

This Burmese dish, ohn no khauk swe, is lightly spiced and rich in coconut. When serving, serve chicken curry with crispy fried noodles, hard-boiled eggs, chilli flakes, and cilantro.

Coconut chicken noodles

This light, savoury ramen features cod, green vegetables, and noodles. The umami-packed marinade is inspired by classic miso black cod.

Miso cod ramen

These rice noodle bowls, or bn, are a popular Vietnamese dish. The dipping sauce can be refrigerated for two weeks, so make extra. Then boil noodles, add veg (lettuce, radishes, cucumber, carrots) and protein.

Rice noodle salad bowl

This egg and noodle bowl is a traditional Japanese recipe for moon viewing. Just-cooked egg yolk coats thick, chewy noodles in a luscious sauce with shiitake, mirin, and soy flavours. This delicious recipe uses shichimi-togarashi, a Japanese spice mix.

Moon udon

Ginger, lemongrass, lime leaves, and chilli give this broth Thai flavour. Vegetarians can substitute tofu with chicken or prawns. Coconut milk adds richness, and Thai basil and cilantro add freshness.

Thai eggplant tom yum soup

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