22 proven tips to lose belly fat

How to lose belly fat is googled over 4 million times annually in the UK, according to a study. We're obsessed with losing weight and looking for answers when we can't lose weight or hit a weight loss plateau.

How to lose belly fat:

This means you're eating less than your body burns throughout the day, says Freeletics' David Wiener.

1. Follow a Calorie Deficit

"Drink six to eight glasses of water per day," he says. Water suppresses appetite and boosts exercise performance, so you burn more.

2. Drink more water

"Your body will always eliminate empty calories first," he says. "This means other processes, like fat burning, must wait. While your body burns off the alcohol's calories, any excess fat goes to your waistline."

3. Ditch the alcohol

Walking speed also affects weight loss. In another study, those who walked at 4.6 mph burned over 50% more calories than those who walked at 3.6 mph and 4.1 mph.

4. Walk more

Chronic partial sleep loss may increase obesity and diabetes risk, researchers found. Low energy and fatigue affect appetite and glucose levels. Which makes us reach for sugary treats for energy.

6. Get some quality sleep

Stress triggers cortisol hormones, which cause belly fat, says Rob. High cortisol levels increase appetite, making it harder to lose weight.

7. De-stress

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