25 foods with high cholesterol

When you eat saturated and trans fats, which boost LDL cholesterol, fatty deposits can block blood flow to your brain and heart. This increases heart disease, heart attack, and stroke risk.

Solid at room temperature, butter has more than 50 grammes of saturated fat per 100 grammes. Butter and other dairy products contain some trans fats.


Full-fat cream is rich in saturated fat: 21.8 grammes per 100-gram serving.

Whipped cream

Full-fat cream cheese has 20 grammes of saturated fat per 100 grammes. Fat-free spread has under 1 gramme.

Cream cheese

One of the world's most popular cheeses is also high in saturated fat. 19.4 grammes are in 100g.

Cheddar cheese

Milk chocolate contains full-fat dairy, so it's high in saturated fat (18.5 grammes per 100 grammes).

Milk chocolate

Margarine made from palm and soybean oils has 36.3 grammes of saturated fat and 0.4 grammes of trans fat per 100-gram serving.


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