Peanut butter and jelly reinvented for the 21st century.

We're here to prove that PB&J is for everyone and that plain peanut butter and jelly is passé. It's easy, but that's why it's called child's play. To celebrate and class up our favourite sandwich all year

Upgrade PB&J's two main ingredients. Almond butter is trendy and healthier than peanut butter. Try sunflower seed butter. Instead of jelly, use fig jam.

Adult PB&J

Banana bread for regular bread is sorcery. Plus, you can use jelly without worrying about the slippery texture pushing out the bananas. (We've studied every PB&J conundrum.) Thanks!)

Banana Bread PB&J

Adults have privileges kids don't. You can stay up late, drink milk directly from the carton (or cereal box) and use a grill. Because this is America, you should add peanut butter and jelly to your burger and easily add bacon.

Burgerized PB&J

"avec" means "with" and "crrpe" means "crpe" After that language lesson, feel free to add PB&J to your crpes. It's delicious and healthy. Emotionally, if you eat several.

Crȇpe avec PB&J

If your PB&J seems too healthy (fruit? Deep-fry it (what am I, on a diet?) Deep-fried food tastes best fresh, so eat it right away—but not right after removing it from the fryer.

Deep-Fried PB&J

When broken down, it's a simple process. (It's yummy.) Make French toast. Spread peanut butter on one grilled slice and jelly on the other before flipping. Cook the French toast like a grilled cheese sandwich.

French Toast PB&J

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