30 genius recipes for that pack of ground beef in your fridge

One pack of ground beef can make bolognese sauce, Thai stir-fry, meatloaf, or burgers. Here are our best recipes using the versatile ingredient.

Brilliant beef

Chili, oregano, basil, and pine nuts give these meatballs flavour and texture. Fresh tomatoes and white wine give the tomato sauce depth.


This burger's sauce, inspired by Big Mac sauce, is sweet, salty, and sharp. Sweet pickle relish and paprika are key. You can make dinner quickly because it's easy.

Big Max burger

Keema is an Indian minced-meat dish. Our recipe uses beef (or lamb) and curry powder. Making a ginger, garlic, and chilli paste gives the dish complex flavour and full flavour.

Beef keema curry

This rustic pasta bake is comforting with crisp rigatoni edges, bubbling tomato sauce, and meatballs. It's family-friendly.

Rigatoni with meatballs

Bibimbap is a Korean dish made with rice, sautéed vegetables, an egg or egg yolk, ground beef, a spicy sauce, and kimchi. You can get creative with leftovers.


Meatball subs are good anytime. This makes four saucy meatball sandwiches. Add mozzarella, provolone, Cheddar, or American cheese and grill until melted.

Baked meatball subs

This Spanish-inspired recipe uses cumin, cinnamon, red bell pepper, and nutmeg in the ragù. Ground lamb is called for, but beef works too. Manchego cheese is then added and melted in the oven.


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