30 healthy foods that help you burn fat

A controlled diet and regular exercise help you lose weight. That doesn't mean you need a restrictive diet. Learn which foods will help you lose weight faster. These 30 fat-burning foods will help you lose weight naturally.

Papain, a digestive enzyme in papaya, helps break down sugars and fats and absorb excess fat and sugar. It's full of fibre, calcium, iron, and vitamin C and helps reduce cellulite. Fermented papaya can help maintain physical and mental health, according to studies.


Strawberries are diuretics due to their potassium and tannins. Strawberries are said to burn fat because manganese stimulates the thyroid gland. Eating strawberries can reduce diabetes complications by regulating blood sugar.


How does broccoli burn fat? High fibre burns lots of energy while digesting. In the digestive tract, it carries toxins and fats. It's a high-vitamin-C antioxidant.


Bromelain is a fat-burning, anti-inflammatory enzyme found in fresh pineapple (not canned). Brazil and Paraguay's pineapple is rich in manganese, which improves carbohydrate, amino acid, and cholesterol metabolism. Vitamin C is abundant (antioxidant).


Cabbage boosts metabolism and aids weight loss. So many diets and detox programmes include it. Brussels sprouts and kale are rich in vitamins C and K and calcium, which reduces glucose absorption.


Vitamin C deficient people burn 30% less fat during exercise than vitamin C consumers. Vitamin C is in oranges, so 1+1=2. Oranges help reduce blood sugar and cholesterol.


Blueberries are a major source of anthocyanins, which affect metabolism-regulating genes and help eliminate belly fat.


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