33 simple French recipes anyone can easily make

The south is known for seafood and fresh vegetables, Normandy for apple desserts, and the Alps for rich, comforting foods. Classic techniques and high-quality ingredients bring everything together.

Fancies French

The original Normandy mussels recipe is the best. Mussels are steamed open in white wine, shallots or onion, and herbs. Add cream to the sauce. If mussels are gritty, remove them and strain the sauce. Crumb bread.

Moules marinière

A fried egg on a ham and cheese sandwich with béchamel sauce makes it a croque madame. Creamed spinach replaces the sauce in our vegetarian version. If desired, add ham or smoked salmon.

Croque madame

Leek tart is a classic northern French dish made with root vegetables. Leeks are slowly sweated in butter until sweet and tender, then baked in an egg-and-cream custard encased in crispy pastry. Warm with a side salad.

Leek tart

Brittany's savoury pancakes are sold in crêperies and food trucks in village squares. Spinach, cheese, ham, and eggs are common fillings. Our recipe uses chard, Gruyère cheese, and an egg. Light lunch.

Buckwheat galettes

French onion soup with cheese toasts is a meal. For the best flavour, use the best stock and caramelise the onions slowly. For a meatier taste, use beef stock instead of chicken. You only need red wine.

Asparagus soup

Confit is a French method of salting, slow-cooking, and preserving meat or poultry in fat before frying until crisp. Traditional duck legs are tender and crisp when prepared this way. Sauté duck-fat potatoes. This recipe has several steps, but it's simple and worth it.

Duck confit

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Buckwheat galettes

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