4-4 Nature Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign

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-fast texter
-either hates or is addicted to caffeine
-both the most chill and the most jealous person alive
-wants to dye their hair


-gives off older sibling vibes
-can be very dramatic on the inside
-pessimistic when it comes to love
-avoids anyone who gives them bad vibes


-Ahead of their time
- Prepared for any situation but also forgets to charge their phone
-Secretly thinks people hate them
-Hates strict schedules


-Discovers new music before it gets popular
-Wishes they could be someone else
-Likes to observe
-Wants to run away and quit social media


-chaotic when tired
-wants to glow up both physically and mentally
-can never truly let go or cut you off
-ghosts you when they're angry


-has a detailed imaginary world
-acts completely different when they're in love
-attracts both good and bad karma easily
-figures others out easily


-loves so hard they try to detach from it
-adores some form of art
-watched their fav. movie multiple times
-wants to pursue more than one career or goal


-either very spiritual or skeptical
-feels connected to outer space or the night sky
-has strong opinions
-often too proud to show their emotions


-always feels like the outcast
-either has 100% or 0% motivation
-likes to disagree with people just for the sake of debating
-gets lost in fiction


-has highly developed senses
-can seem cold at first
-loses focus easily for the sake of debating
-hates shallow or pushy people


-good at playing a role or pretending
-seems naive or impulsive but is extremely intelligent
-can lose things often
-hates texting first or making plans first


-had to grow up quickly
-wants to do something they're passionate about
-very creative and good with aesthetics
-naps the pain away

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