40 can recipes for midweek meals

Essential canned foods save money and time without sacrificing flavour. Many canned foods are as nutritious as fresh. Our top canned food recipes will inspire you.

Tinned tomatoes are a pantry staple. Spend a little more on a good Italian brand that's less watery. When fresh plum tomatoes aren't in season, canned ones are great for pasta dishes.

Plum tomatoes: amatriciana rigatoni

Tinned plum tomatoes add richness to soups and stews. Use the best canned tomatoes and cook them slowly to reduce acidity. Ground cumin and caraway seeds help the tomatoes in this recipe.

Spicy tomato shrimp stew

This butter chicken is made with chopped tomatoes, cumin, cardamom, turmeric, and ground fenugreek. It takes little prep and simmers for 30 minutes. It's better than takeout and can be made ahead of time.

Butter chicken, tomatoes

This is a great midweek meal. The key is to stagger the thyme so it's fragrant and can infuse as much flavour into the dish as possible.

One-pot tomato pasta

Ratatouille showcases vegetables, and adding chopped tomatoes makes it rich and delicious in minutes. Adding canned lentils saves time and thickens the soup; feel free to use other fridge vegetables.

Tomatoes: ratatouille

The pantry needs canned chickpeas. Smooth and silky homemade hummus is made with tahini, garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil. After mastering the basic recipe, add beetroot, red pepper, or caramelised onion.

Chickpeas: hummus

Chickpeas thicken stews, soups, and curries. Everything else you need is probably in your pantry, and it's ready in an hour. Chickpeas add a nice texture to this curry, which features soft potatoes and paneer.

Potato-chickpea curry

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