5 Nations With Easy Retirement Citizenship!

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1) Canada

Consider just Canada as your retirement destination. According to the Migration Policy Institute, 273,000 United States citizens moved to Canada in 2022 alone.

You must be a permanent resident of Canada and have been in the country for at least 1,095 days in the five years prior to the date you submit your application.

2) Dominican Republic

Retirement applicants must show proof of a stable international income of at least $1,500 per month in order to qualify for D.R. citizenship.

From there, applicants must be questioned in Spanish and pass a medical exam before establishing their permanent residence in the Dominican Republic for two years.

3) Ireland

Combine the island experience with the weather in the north, and you may have found the perfect destination to retire: Ireland.

Your candidacy for citizenship is enhanced if you have Irish ancestry, including a parent, grandparent, or great-grandparent.

4) Peru

Citizenship of Peru can be obtained in around two years if you are a retiree making more than $1,000 per month.

Investopedia suggests "working with an agent who can take you through the residence application procedure at the Peruvian embassy."

5) Germany

Germany has the second-highest immigration rate behind the U.S. in 2020, according to World Population Review.

If you have ties to another country that you value, the requirement that you renounce them in order to become a citizen of Germany may be a deal breaker.

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