7 Characteristics Of An Ideal Man As Per Women!

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1) He always manages to cheer you up

He never fails to cheer you up. Your lover always knows how to cheer you up when you're sad.

2) He appreciates your opinions & decisions

He values your input and collaborates with you to make decisions; he places a premium on your viewpoint.

3) He help with housework

He assists with household chores. Your spouse will not transform you into a housewife if he appreciates and respects you.

4) He always find agreement with others

He consistently achieves agreement or compromise. Even with a police officer, a repairman, or a disagreeable neighbor.

5) He can do household chores by himself

A perfect guy is capable of self-management and does so on occasion. He desires a companion rather than a housewife.

6) He pays attention to little things

Keep certain key details in mind. He knows what your favorite song is, what brand of coffee you want, and what colors you prefer.

7) He always stands with you

He is always by your side, even when you have made a mistake. Instead of condemning you for the mistake, an ideal partner should encourage you.

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