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As a result of their greater autonomy and capacity for adjusting to new settings, cats are among the best pets to have in a small apartment.


The pinnacle of domesticated pets. We are spoiled for choice because there are so many different kinds.

Guinea Pig

One of the most pleasant pets to have around the house, guinea pigs are also known for their calm, gentle demeanor and friendly nature.


When provided with a suitable habitat, ferrets are not only endearing, but also active, playful, and even affectionate.


Tiny, tasty, and manageable in the palm of your hand. You don't have to put in much time or energy, but they can't get enough love.


Birds with brightly colored feathers, high intelligence, a sense of humor, and excellent company—what that's a parrot is.


Because of their mellow demeanor, turtles can make great pets; however, it is important to select a species appropriate to the amount of space and care you can give it.

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