7 Wrong Things That We Do With Realizing

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1) Loud talking on phone

Talking loud on the phone while in a public area is surely a rude thing to do. It disturbs other people.

2) Making sound while eating

Many people eat with their mouth open, which creates eating noise. This is surely not a good thing for others.

3) Having last word in every eonversation

Sometimes it's best to end the conversation, but some people like to have the last word even though there is nothing in conversation.

4) Using too much perfume

When going anywhere, you should mind the usage of perfume. Too strong or too much perfume is not good. 

5) Calling everyone sir & madam

For kids, it's ok to say sir or madam, but with the same age, you should rather call pothers by their name.

6) Not introducing people

If you know two people who are strangers to each other, you should introduce them first, before doing anything. 

7) Asking personal questions

Asking a personal question about wealth, relationships or anything from your even closed one is a wrong and rude thing.

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