8 Avocado Breakfasts That Don’t Involve Toast

Having avocados on toast for breakfast is a waste. There are many tasty avocado breakfasts waiting to be tried. If you're bored with avocado toast, try one of these eight recipes.

Meet avocado waffles. Woman's Day's waffles are topped with tomatoes, avocado, fresh herbs, and ranch-like dressing.

1) Savory Corn Waffles With Tomato Herb Salad

Yes, chips for breakfast are acceptable, especially when they're topped with avocados, pico de gallo, and sour cream.

2) Breakfast Chilaquiles

This Woman's Day hack makes breakfast eggs more portable. Prepare jar overnight, microwave in the morning, and add avocado.

3) Cheddar, Pepper, and Avocado Scrambled Eggs in a Jar

With this recipe from Woman's Day, you can make scrambled eggs with a flavorful avocado salsa.

4) Mexican Scrambled Eggs

Flatbread avocado toast from Good Housekeeping is topped with roasted cauliflower and chickpeas for those who are still a fan of the dish.

5) BBQ Chickpea & Cauliflower Flatbreads with Avocado Mash

If you add a fried egg and some avocado to this veggie grain bowl from Prevention, you won't even mind the extra greens you're consuming for breakfast.

6) Bacon, Egg, and Kale Bowl

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