8 Cheapest Yet Lovable Pets You Can Own

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1) Hermit crabs

An unusual pet you can own but this pet will make you happy when you see it crawling in the sand. They can live up to 15 years. 

2) Neon tetra fish

You can find these fish at any pet store or fish store for just $1 to $2. So what can be more affordable than this? 

3) Parakeets

Want someone to imitate you? Choose parakeets that are curious, lovable, and entertaining. They usually cost between $10-40.

4) Rats

You may be afraid of rats but once you get your own rat pet, you will not. These are quite lovable and funny. They cost around $20-80.

5) Sea monkeys

Brine shrimps are a unique pet you can own. The amazing thing is they are not sold alive. You have to buy their dried eggs and make them life. They cost $20.

6) Green anoles

What about reptiles? You will be amazed when you will see their eyes moving 360°. They usually cost nearly $10.

7) Hedgehogs

Another fun and curious pet, that you will not see usually in people's homes. But you can own one if you can spend around $100.

8) German Wirehaired Pointers

Thanks God, A Dog! You can own german wirehaired pointer and their costs are low and even their care costs are low too.

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