8 Signs That He Is Into Another Woman

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1) He is getting defensive

Even on the small thing, you ask him if he gets defensive or talks more than required, it means he has a guilty conscience. 

2) He is not much romantic

If he is not romantic anymore or does not give you enough time in bed, that means his mind is diverting. 

3) He makes too much excuses

If he is late and you ask him why, and he makes too many excuses and overexplains, it means there is someone else. 

4) He is not letting you use his phone

If he was okay before for using his phone but now he avoids letting you use it, surely there is something fishy. 

5) His dressing style changed

If all of a sudden his dressing style has changed or is wearing more attractive clothes, then you need to beware. 

6) The reaction of his friends towards you is changed

A man usually tells his close friends first about someone new and if they are acting strange towards you, this is a red flag. 

7) He is suddenly asking for boundries

If he asks more about boundaries and privacy, then someone else is more important to him. 

8) He unconsciously mention other woman's namne

If you are talking about something and he says, that that girl also does the same or anything like that, then she is in her mind. 

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