8 Things That Men Hate In Women

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1) Entitlement

Women who feel like they have entitlement on men's finance, life, decisions & all other areas, are considered off by men.

2) Disrespectful behavior

Women who are disrespectful to people like waiters, workers, or even their co-workers are not looked at as nice.

3) Women Who Lie

Men totally don't like women who lie a lot. Some women are used to lying even about small things. This pisses off men & is a big no-no for them.

4) Blaming Others About Everything

Some women have a habit of blaming others for even their mistakes. This habit is looked at as really off by men.

5) Demanding Women

Some women are used to demanding anything from their men and don't even think of the costs. This thing is the biggest turnoff for men. 

6) Who talk about ex

Surely no man wants to listen to your ex, how he treated you, or your memories. This comes as the biggest turnoff for men. 

7) Bad Hygiene

This is no gender-specific habit, it comes as the biggest turnoff for men as women are deemed as clean and beautiful. 

8) Self Love

Women who always brag about self-love and don't even care about others are not the ones who men will like. So women should work on this habit. 

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