8 Ways To Keep Mosquitos Away From You?

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1) Avoid Beer & Spicy Food Before Sleep

Mosquitoes are drawn to our exhaled carbon dioxide. Beer and spicy foods cause increased exhalation, so avoid them several hours prior to bedtime.

2) Drink Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruits are abundant in vitamins, minerals, and a compound called nutecton. Studies demonstrate that nutecton repels mosquitoes and ticks very effectively.

3) Drink Cold Tea

Citronella oil, derived from lemongrass, is the primary component of mosquito repellent. Lemongrass can therefore be added to iced tea, a refreshing summer beverage.

4) Wear White Clothes

Mosquitoes select their prey with their eyes, and their capacity for identification and evaluation plays a significant role in this process. Wear therefore lighter clothing.

5) Avoid Scratching 

Stretching causes bleeding, and insects are drawn to the presence of blood. Icing the bite is more effective than scratching at relieving itching and cooling the bite.

6) Cool Yourself

When we perspire, we expel lactic acid, uric acid, ammonia, and other compounds. Mosquitoes are attracted to these odors. Therefore, cool down after sweating.

7) Choose the right scent

Don't get flower arrangements when mosquitoes are rampant. Substitute appropriate aromas like lemonella, citronella, and similar products.

8) Sit under fan or strong wind

As with all small insects, the female mosquito has difficulty flying in strong winds. Any breeze exceeding 2 kilometers per hour will make it difficult for them to reach and bite you.

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