9 Anti-Wrinkle Foods

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1) Blueberries

With antioxidants in them, they are great to keep your skin's elasticity and keeping wrinkles at bay, 

2) Avocados

They contain Vitamin C & E and also collagen which keeps your skin supple and young.

3) Walnuts

The Vitamin B & E in walnuts keep your skin from damage and fine lines. 

4) Sweet Potatoes

The Vitamin A from sweet potatoes helps make collagen and protect the skin from the sun. 

5) Papaya

Papaya is really beneficial for skin with boosting skin glow and keeping it hydrated.

6) Pomegranate Seeds

The pomegranate seeds are known to benefit the skin by softening t and keeping it hydrated & plum.

7) Olive Oil

Great olive oil has many benefits including the skin. It's Vitamin E does the big work. 

8) Eggs

Egg whites are really beneficial for the skin by making skin wrinkle-free and providing amino acids. 

9) Edamame

The protein in edamame results in more collagen production, which eventually helps keep skin smooth and wrinkle free.

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