9 Beautiful Capital Cities Best For Visiting

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1) Ottawa

Capital Of: Canada
Main Attractions: Great Historic landmarks, Great Architecture, Rideau Canal

2) Washington DC

Capital Of: United States
Main Attractions: The Lincoln Memorial, Museums, Great Nature & scenery 

3) Budapest

Capital Of: Hungary
Main Attractions: Danube River, Nightlife, Architecture, Castles

4) Rome

Capital Of: Italy
Main Attractions: The Colosseum, Peter’s Basilica, Trevi fountain, museums

5) Reykjavik

Capital Of: Iceland
Main Attractions: Towering mountains, Architecture, Museums

6) Berlin

Capital Of: Germany
Main Attractions: Impressive architecture, Nightlife, castles

7) Prague

Capital Of: Czech Republic
Main Attractions: Architecture, Natural Scenery

8) London

Capital Of: England
Main Attractions: Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Big Ben

9) Sydney

Capital Of: Australia
Main Attractions: Sydney Opera House, Beautiful beaches, Museums

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