9 Beautiful Wildflowers To Plant In Your Garden!

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1) Larkspur

In the spring, the ferny foliage blossoms into colorful spikes of blue-purple, pink, or white. This annual cool-season plant is best pruned or removed in the middle of summer.

2) Butterflyweed

During the heat of summer, the presence of these flowers will bring joy to anyone who enjoys watching butterflies.

3) Liatris

Perennials that are grassy and bulbous look right at home amongst the tall grasses. In contrast, the purple flower spikes look stunning when they bloom in the summer.

4) Poppies

Assuming you give them adequate space, they will fill it. However, they are not the type of garden thugs you would want in your yard.

5) Cleome

Cleome is an annual plant, despite its spidery-looking flowers. It grows rapidly from seed to a height of 4 or 5 feet.

6) Cosmos

In addition to the attractive lacy leaves, the vibrant daisy-like flowers of Cosmos are a persuasive factor. Silken blossoms are colored white, pink, orange, yellow, and gold.

7) Maximilian Sunflower

It doesn't matter which sunflower you grow in your yard; however, tall annual sunflowers appear to be a little worn out by the time they're finished flowering.

8) Bachelor's Buttons

Bachelor's buttons need to be deadheaded on a regular basis if they are to continue blooming throughout the summer.

9) Bee Balm

It is a beautiful flowering perennial and a valuable medicinal plant. You won't see any deer whether it's sunny or partially shaded.

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