9 Best Countries To Visit For Solo Travelers

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9) Ireland

What's Best There: Castles, scenic cliffs, museums, bars, friendly locals. It is a great hospitable country. 

8) Slovenia

What's Best There: Ease of travel, great culture, highest safety score, super-secure for solo travelers.

7) Japan

What's Best There: Best country for foodies, it's culture & safest country for female solo travelers.

6) Belize

What's Best There: Natural jungle beauty, incredible wildlife, sacred Mayan ruins.

5) Spain

What's Best There: Eating options, well-developed tourist infrastructure, public transport networks

4) Croatia

What's Best There: Picturesque landscapes, colorful coasts, Game of Thrones walking tour of Dubrovnik

3) Portugal

What's Best There: Beautiful architecture, great seafood, safe for solo travelers. 

2) Malta

What's Best There: Fortresses, temples, beautiful climate, its history.

1) Iceland

What's Best There: Hiking glaciers, hot springs, caves, & safety for solo travelers. 

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