9 Best Kids Friendly Dog Breeds!

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1) Golden retriever

Golden retrievers are the ideal family pet for good reason. They may love your children more than you do since they are amiable, dependable, and kind.

2) Beagle

Beagles are the ideal combination of friendliness, determination, and gentleness for introducing to a newborn.

3) Border Collie

Border collies are delightfully intelligent, and their work ethic means that they will not only assist you in raising your child, but also take pride in doing so.

4) English bulldog

This breed of dog is well-known for its warm personality, sociability, and loyalty to its human family, especially its young.

5) Newfoundland

Your child will quickly come to love these enormous, friendly creatures who have the personality of a giant teddy bear.

6) Poodle 

With their high IQs, Poodles are wonderful family pets since they learn quickly and are very obedient. As a species, they are kind, reliable, and popular.

7) Labrador retriever

There are few dog breeds as friendly and versatile as the Labrador Retriever. They are fantastic with newborns because they are fantastic with everyone.

8) Pug

Pugs are kind, friendly, and calm; they can take care of a baby with the same patience and gentleness they show to older children and toddlers.

9) Mutts

Mutts are often the perfect addition to any family since they often have characteristics and qualities that are the "best of both worlds."

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