9 Celebrities Who Are Banned By Countries

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1) Jay-Z

He was canceled for his 2006 Shanghai Tour for ''too much vulgar language''. 

2) Beyonce

Beyonce is banned from performing in Malaysia and the reason is she is too hot for country's Muslim population.

3) Boy George

in 2008, he was not given Visa to enter in the USA because of a case in the UK.

4) Akon

Akon was banned in Sri Lanka for his too-hot music videos and the use of the Buddha statue in them.

5) Chris Brown

Chris Brown was temporarily banned from UK, Canada, and Australia due to abusing Rihanna in 2011.

6) Brad Pitt

He was banned in China for almost 2 years until he came to the country in 2016 for a film promotion.

7) Lily Allen

Due to assaulting a photographer in the UK in 2017, she was not allowed in the USA. 

8) Alec Baldwin

He was banned form coming to the Philippines due to his offensive & wrong jokes.

9) Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus was banned in China due to her offensive gesture. 

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