9 Dog Breeds Who Don't Shed Much Hair!

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1) Tsvetnaya bolonka

Tsvetnaya bolonka are small family-oriented companion animals. They are clever, affable, and wonderful with children.

2) Irish water spaniel

The Irish water spaniel is an exceptional retriever, originally bred to retrieve waterfowl, and a vivacious companion.

3) Affenpinschers

These little puppies may be adorable and hypoallergenic, but don't take that to mean that they're easy to train. The French have a name for them too: diablotin moustache.

4) Löwchen

The lowchen, sometimes known as the "little lion" in its native Germany, is a small dog breed commonly kept as a pet. These canines are swift, smart, and easy to train.

5) Barbets

The thick, curly coat of this French hunting dog is legendary. These dogs have webbed paws and are strong swimmers since they were raised to recover ducks.

6) Bedlington terriers

These huge hound dogs are noted for their luxurious, human-hair-like coats. Although they are difficult to care for, they are a popular among dog show competitors.

7) Standard schnauzers

Lagotto Romagnolos are sometimes referred to as Italian truffle dogs because they can be taught to find the profitable fungus that grow in the Italian countryside.

8) Chinese crested

Hairless the Chinese crested dog is a small dog with a spiky coat and spots on its skin. Their feet and tails have thick fur on them.

9) Soft-coated Wheaten terrier

These dogs are smart and easy to train, and their black hair curls in a way that doesn't bother people with allergies.

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