9 Facts About Gemini To Know Before Dating Them

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1) They are spontaneous people.

They will like to explore and try new things all of a sudden!

2) They are social butterflies and they have a lot of friends.

They love to go out and enjoy themselves with friends. 

3) Surely they are faithful but they are huge flirt also!

And they do this to get attention & compliments. 

4) They are really talkative.

They will ask you a lot of questions on a first date and love to discuss things. 

5) They are really creative people.

They can easily plan anything special for you, make special things for you and even help you in many creative things.

6) They are flaky.

They will change plans at the last moment or will be late at the last moment. 

7) Gemini‚Äôs are very analytical.

They know their self-worth and are also good at self-assurance and staying motivated. 

8) They spend a lot of money.

They will buy anything they like on the spot.

9) They are crazy people

Surely not in a bad way but they change all of sudden and have a crazy & fun side. 

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