9 Flowers That Will Thrive Even In Full Sun!

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1) Lantana

Six hours of direct sunlight daily is ideal. Some have multicolored flowers. They're great for warm-climate landscaping.

2) Zinnias

In full sun, the height of these adaptable flowers can reach three feet. They're also perfectly happy growing in the shade. Zinnias are an annual flower.

3) Sunflower

Sunflowers are excellent wildflowers for suburban areas or everywhere! Some sunflowers can grow to be 10 feet tall.

4) Dahlberg Daisy

Dahlberg daisies are native to southern Texas and northern Mexico, therefore they like hot, dry weather and dislike excessive humidity or damp soils.

5) Annual Vinca

The shiny green leaves are complemented by many flowers with five petals that bloom continuously. Vinca is available in numerous hues.

6) Pentas

In the majority of the United States, pentas are grown as annuals, yet in frost-free regions they can survive the winter. They are widely available in nurseries and easy to cultivate.

7) Peony

Peonies like sun. Given its lush green foliage and beautiful blossoms, it's surprising to realize that the peony thrives in a dry environment.

8) Beardtongue

Due to its colorful spring and summer flower spikes, Penstemon, also known as beardtongue, is a perfect addition to a drought-resistant garden.

9) Russian Sage

Despite its small size, this shrub is occasionally considered a perennial. This plant has scented silvery stems and leaves, and its flowers might appear in late spring.

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