9 Houseplants To Not Have In Your Home!

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1) Orchids

You might be able to keep orchids alive due to their sensitivity to lighting and drainage, but reblooming would require more effort.

2) Miniature Rose

Miniature rose requires six hours of sunlight, however there are few indoor sites that provide this quantity of light besides a greenhouse.

3) Boston Fern

It is not uncommon for certain Boston fern fronds to wilt and the rootball to dry up if watering is neglected and the plant is light-sensitive.

4) Calathea

Unfortunately, it is susceptible to cool and dry circumstances, which are frequent in many winter residences. There are easier houseplants to cultivate.

5) Banana Plant

It thrives in full sun and 50% humidity. Tropical temperatures are typical outside, but homes with dry, heated interior air in winter can't easily duplicate them.

6) Basil

Basil needs 6 hours of direct sunshine to thrive well inside in winter. Some may stick around, but don't expect expansion.

7) Begonias

When grown indoors, they frequently have ragged foliage and grey borders, while being quite easy to cultivate outdoors under the correct conditions.

8) Prickly Plants

Plants that are sharp, pointed, or prickly should be avoided if you have toddlers. They can readily get injuries while exploring their environment.

9) Poisonous Plants

Avoid toxic plants. Some are dangerous to kids and pets. Philodendron, pothos, oleander, dieffenbachia, Easter lily.

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