9 Important Things That Are Far More Expensive

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1) Insulin

Insulin is an important thing in the world for many people but its cost has risen by 200% in the last decade. 

2) Living

Living is becoming more expensive day by day and even after working for hours, we can't have enough for ourselves. 

3) Water

What could be more devastating than water, the necessity of life is becoming expensive.

4) Feminine Hygiene 

Thanks to taxes, even female hygiene, the necessity for females, is not affordable for many women. 

5) Therapy

The USA is struggling with mental health, but still, you have to pay a lot for getting therapy.

6) Healthy Food

You will be surprised to know that healthy food is more expensive than junk food. 

7) Education

Students have to take debt to get an education in the USA and they come under a burden to repay it. 

8) Housing

The average price of a home in the USA is $350k. Surely not everybody can afford it. 

9) Eggs

Even eggs have become 50% more expensive than the last year. What could be worse?

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