9 Makeup Tips for Women Over 40!

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1) Less is More!

Instead of attempting to hide what you don't like, concentrate on what you do. Nobody else can see your dark spots, acne, or other skin imperfections.

2) Make a better skincare routine

Fine lines and wrinkles often occur as a result of dry skin as the skin ages. Maintain skin hydration and exfoliation.

3) Blend Foundation with Sunscreen

Combining foundation with a lightweight sunscreen neutralizes the dull residue left by sunscreen and eliminates an additional layer of product.

4) Do not skip Primer

Primers are comparable to the spackle used when repainting a wall; they create a smooth base that keeps cosmetics in place and avoids cracking.

5) Use Foundation instead of Powder

Powder adds excessive texture, gives the skin a cakey appearance, and saps its vitality. Living skin should have a dewy appearance and be tactile.

6) Avoid "long wear" products

"Extended wear" products typically contain mattifying ingredients with a drier texture. As a result, matte makeup settles into and exaggerates wrinkles.

7) Highlight with cream instead of Contour

Frequently, contouring [with powder] mimics the dull, flat, 'shadowy' appearance that women over the age of 40 may already have due to wrinkles & dark spots.

8) Never let your lipstick migrate

Your natural lip line diminishes with age, causing lipstick to spill and feather. Apply a clear or matching lip liner on your lips.

9) Avoid sparkles

Not glamorous is a glittering appearance that settles into wrinkles. Sparkles on the eyelashes are particularly old since they accentuate and call attention to every line.

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