9 Most Suitable Dog Breeds For Seniors!

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9) Golden retriever

Golden retrievers, if well-behaved, can make excellent companions for the elderly. Anyone over the age of 70 should consider getting an adult golden retriever.

8) Beagle

Dogs like beagles are calm, low-maintenance, and excellent playmates for both children and the elderly.

7) Dachshund

If you're an older person looking for a loyal and affectionate dog but don't want a high-energy terrier, a Dachshund is a great choice.

6) Cavalier King Charles spaniel

This little dog will be happy to tag around with the elderly and their families whether they like to keep busy or relax.

5) Miniature schnauzer

Miniature pooches, like their larger counterparts, learn quickly when given treats during training sessions; as such, monitoring snacking between meals is a must.

4) Havanese

Seniors who wish to spend time with a dog but have limited mobility will find this 7-13 pound breed to be excellent.

3) Pug

Senior citizens who want a low-maintenance dog that doesn't need to be walked every day should consider this breed.

2) Basset hound

If given the chance, Basset Hounds, however, would love to join in on the fun. They are looking forward to spending time with their grandchildren.

1) German Spitz

If you're seeking for an active dog, a German spitz may be the best option. With a little direction, it might be a huge hit among the elderly.

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