9 Features That Make Your More Attractive

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1) Smiling

What can be a better feature of a person than their smile? A smiling person is always more attractive than one who doesn't smile at all. 

2) Eye contact

If you can make and keep eye contact with the person, it shows that you noticed them & you giving them attention. 

3) Being good listener

If you are a good listener and listen to others before any suggestion or anything, then it is an attractive trait. 

4) Control over emotions

Having control of your emotions as per situation ad people is great and shows person is mature. 

5) Being Empathic

Being empathic for others is sensual and comes as really mature and attractive to others. 

6) Giving Positive Vibes

If a person has positive vibes and they are always upbeat, chances are more people will attract to them. 

7) Conversational skills

Not everyone can pull off great conversations and it needs confidence. Having this trait is really attractive. 

8) Confidence

Who doesn't find confident people attractive? They come as strong & bold people. 

9) Sense of Humor

People with a sense of humor come out to be very attractive and people love to be with them. 

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