9 Plants That Are Suitable For Your Office!

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1) Cacti

There is a reason why cacti and succulents are the go-to plants for rookie plant keepers. The prickly plants come in a range of sizes and require modest watering.

2) ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is not only a great-looking but also incredibly hardy indoor plant. Leave it alone for weeks and it won't quickly wilt or drop its leaves.

3) Sansevieria

If you are someone who kills plants but wants to change their ways, you should look into this plant.

4) Snake Plant

One of the strongest low-light alternatives is the snake plant, often known as "mother-in-tongue," law's.

5) Spider Plant

You like caressing Sparky, your coworker's dog, but you don't want to worry about him sniffing out any potentially poisonous plants in the workplace garden.

6) Jade Plant

This Urban Stems jade plant in a pot is great. It requires little care, aids in air filtering, and thrives in direct sunlight. Place this in the window and watch it grow.

7) African Violet

If you have limited room and your office is looking a little dull, consider an African violet. It thrives in both natural and artificial light.

8) Boston Fern Hanging Basket

This fern is here to help you. It adds humidity to the air, but you have to take care of it by watering the leaves and keeping the soil moist.

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