9 Quiet Dog Breeds For People Who Love Peace!

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1) Basenji

Basenjis are literally known as the "barkless dog," so if you're looking for the quietest breed to own, look no further.

2) Chow Chow

Despite being wary of strangers and eager to protect their owners and property, this breed is not known to use its bark to deter intruders.

3) Pug

Pugs aren't exactly known for their hypervigilance and loud nature. They are usually couch potatoes who want to sit on your lap all day and aren't big barkers.

4) Bernese Mountain Dog

According to the AKC, these gentle giants aren't completely silent, but they're also not particularly loud, placing them somewhere in the middle of barking levels.

5) Borzoi

Borzoi are known for their quiet and feline-like demeanor. Borzoi are also sighthounds, so they are not prone to excessive barking or noise in general.

6) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These sweet lapdogs are quiet to moderately noisy, but one thing is certain: they enjoy spending time cuddling with their owners.

7) French Bulldog

The distinctive "Frenchie" bark serves primarily as a warning. Due to its small size & manageable energy level, this breed of dog is ideal for apartment living.

8) English Bulldog

As their bowling-ball-shaped bodies may imply, this breed is known for being calm and sociable, and they are most certainly not loud or boisterous.

9) Newfoundland

Similar in size and temperament to the Bernese Mountain Dog, Newfies are described as only barking when they are trying to alert you to something.

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