9 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Job

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1) Your Social Media

Your social media can stop you from getting a job if there is something that the companies don't like.

2) The cover letter

A too-long or too-short cover letter may become a hurdle in getting you a job. A good letter may increase the chances. 

3) The resume

A not well defined resume, will be not suitable if you want to grab that job. Be sure to provide all information about yourself and previous roles in the resume.

4) Lack of Confidence

If while giving interviews and meeting with interviewers, you don't have confidence, then you will not get that job easily. 

5) Your qualification

If you are underqualified or overqualified, you will not get the job, because companies avoid such people. 

6) Your relatability with work

If you are not talking about work with interviewer and rather are badmouthing about former company or boss, then you will not land that job. 

7) Salary Expectations

Too high salary expectations are not good for getting the job you want. Surely your salary should be decent but don't ask for too high amounts. 

8) A bad interview

If an interview is bad, then it is a sure-shot sign that you will not get the job because the interview is crucial & you can't bombed that. 

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