9 Signs He Is Toxic & Dangerous

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1) He always asks where you are and where you going

Asking your partner about their whereabouts is ok but asking for too many details, is a sign of toxicity. 

2) He shows up randomly, where you are

If your partner reaches and shows up where you are, then things are not healthy.

3) He is picking arguments on small things

If he always picks arguments even on small things and often, then the person if toxic. 

4) He always talks about you are cheating

If he always says you are cheating and thinks about it, then how the person will be good or you.

5) He uses force

If he gets physical and uses his hands on you, surely he's dangerous and toxic for you. 

6) He validates what he do

If he always says, this is how I am, then the person is not going to change and will stay toxic. 

7) He is not willing to change

Even after many fights and his mistakes, he is doing the same, and not changing, leave that person!

8) He does not have any goals

If he does not have any goals for your career and your relationship, then the person is not good for you. 

9) He does not care about you

If he does not care about you or your feelings or how you feel, then how that person is good for you?

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