9 Signs That You Are In Toxic Workplace

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1) No input or ideas from you

If your company or boss does not ask for any input or ideas from you or your teammates, it means they don't care about you.

2) No support or guidance from boss

If your boss does not provide any support or guidance or get feedback from you, it is not a good place to work.

3) No fair compensation

If you are not getting the right salary for your work, then surely it is no good place for working. 

4) Passed on promotion from you

If you are working great in the company and a promotion was coming but it gets passed on to someone else, then it is the toxic workplace.

5) No support or help to you 

If you need assistance and the company is not providing you with it, then it is not a great place for working. 

6) Politics at workplace

If politics is being played at the workplace and there are groups formed, then the workplace is not good for you.

7) Extra working hours

If a company asks you to work more and for longer hours without additional pay, then the workplace is wrong.

8) Your boss bully you

When the boss bullies you or give you an ultimatum for work rather than soft talking or good leadership, then leave that workspace.

9) There is bootlicking in office

If there is bootlicking in office and it works for people, then it is no good working place ad a rather toxic one.

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