9 Signs That You Broke His Heart Too Hard

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1) He does not want to see you. And try to avoid places where you can be.

2) He still wants you to come back. He is completely crushed if he does this. 

3) He acts cold around you and does not have any expressions when you are around. 

4) If he tells you how you have hurt his feelings, instead of ignoring, he is totally broken. 

5) He is not into dating anymore and can't trust any other girl now. 

6) Or he has become a playboy now and is dating multiple girls at a time to deal with heartbreak. 

7) He is posting depressing posts and stories about breakups, people, and heartbreaks. 

8) He has become too much obssesive about fitness and gym and spends more time there. 

9) He is too much indulged in drinking or others sorts of addictions. 

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